NGA4060165HS0CA (A406/165A)

Sonnenschein NGA4060165HS0CA (A406/165A) 6V 165Ah ...


NGA4060165HS0FA (A406/165F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4060165HS0FA (A406/165F10) 6V 165A...


NGA41205D5HS0RA (A412/5.5SR)

Sonnenschein NGA41205D5HS0RA (A412/5.5SR) 12V 5.5A...


NGA41208D5HS0RA (A412/8.5SR)

Sonnenschein NGA41208D5HS0RA (A412/8.5SR) 12V 8.5A...


NGA4120012HS0RA (A412/12SR)

Sonnenschein NGA4120012HS0RA (A412/12SR) 12V 12Ah ...


NGA4120020HS0BA (A412/20G5)

Sonnenschein NGA4120020HS0BA (A412/20G5) 12V 20Ah ...


NGA4120032HS0BA (A412/32G6)

Sonnenschein NGA4120032HS0BA (A412/32G6) 12V 32Ah ...


NGA4120032HS0FA (A412/32F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120032HS0FA (A412/32F10) 12V 32Ah...


NGA4120050HS0CA (A412/50A)

Sonnenschein NGA4120050HS0CA (A412/50A) 12V 50Ah d...


NGA4120050HS0FA (A412/50F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120050HS0FA (A412/50F10) 12V 50Ah...


NGA4120050HS0BA (A412/50G6)

Sonnenschein NGA4120050HS0BA (A412/50G6) 12V 50Ah ...


NGA4120065HS0FA (A412/65F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120065HS0FA (A412/65F10) 12V 65Ah...


NGA4120065HS0BA (A412/65G6)

Sonnenschein NGA4120065HS0BA (A412/65G6) 12V 65Ah ...


NGA4120085HS0FB (A412/85F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120085HS0FB (A412/85F10) 12V 85Ah...


NGA4120090HS0CA (A412/90A)

Sonnenschein NGA4120090HS0CA (A412/90A) 12V 90Ah d...


NGA4120090HS0FA (A412/90F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120090HS0FA (A412/90F10) 12V 90Ah...


NGA4120100HS0CA (A412/100A)

Sonnenschein NGA4120100HS0CA (A412/100A) 12V 100Ah...


NGA4120100HS0FA (A412/100F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120100HS0FA (A412/100F10) 12V 100...


NGA4120120HS0CA (A412/120A)

Sonnenschein NGA4120120HS0CA (A412/120A) 12V 120Ah...


NGA4120120HS0FA (A412/120F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120120HS0FA (A412/120F10) 12V 120...


NGA4120180HS0CA (A412/180A)

Sonnenschein NGA4120180HS0CA (A412/180A) 12V 180Ah...


NGA4120180HS0FA (A412/180F10)

Sonnenschein NGA4120180HS0FA (A412/180F10) 12V 180...


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