Projecta Amorphous 12V 5W Solar Panel Projecta SPA400 Amorphous 12V 5W Solar Panel

Projecta SPA400 Amorphous 12V 5W Solar Panel

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Model No SPA400
Description Projecta SPA400 Amorphous 12V 5W Solar Panel
Weight(kg) 3
Brand Projecta



  • Ideal for maintaining batteries in Caravans, Motorhomes, 4WD’s & Boats.
  • Prevents power drain caused by radio memories, clocks, alarms, on-board computers & battery self discharge. No more flat batteries!
  • Extends your battery’s run time while in use.
  • Amorphous solar cell technology, maintains the battery in peak condition, even in low light (cloudy) conditions.
  • Smart control unit prevents solar discharge at night.
  • Tough construction enabling the panel to withstand hailstones.
  • Easy to use battery clips for direct battery connection (SPA400).
  • Three convenient connection options (SPA900 only). Battery clips for direct battery connection, cigarette plug for vehicle connection and stripped leads for easy connection to terminal blocks such as solar controllers.
  • Flashing ‘Blue’ LED shows when the solar panel is producing power (SPA900 only).


  • Read the operating instructions before use.
  • Lead Acid Batteries can be dangerous. Ensure no sparks or flames are present when working near batteries. Eye protection should be used.
  • Make sure the solar panel is mounted securely or stowed while driving.
  • For use with 12V lead acid batteries or 24V systems (two panels required).
  • Follow all vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.

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SPA400 Instruction Manual SPA4001348712711_1.pdf 
Warranty Info SPA4001348712711_2.pdf 

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