BAINTECH PowerTop 12V 135Ah Battery Box (Version 3) BAINTECH BTPTOP135V3 PowerTop 12V 135Ah Battery Box (Version 3)

BAINTECH BTPTOP135V3 PowerTop 12V 135Ah Battery Box (Version 3)

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Model No BTPTOP135V3
Description BAINTECH BTPTOP135V3 PowerTop 12V 135Ah Battery Box (Version 3)
Weight(kg) 35

Introducing the Baintech latest 12V 135Ah PowerTop (Version 3)

The PowerTop version 3 is a dynamic plug-and-play system that features a 12V 135Ah gel battery and built-in three-way charging that makes operation smooth and easy. With charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, you're free to charge anywhere, any time. powertop v3 web

Since the PowerTop is completely portable, it's convenient to bring along and setup right at your campsite. That portability also comes in handy when you've got mates that may be keen to borrow this compact, complete power system. With the PowerTop, you're able to connect a range of different devices with different style plugs at the same time. It features a range of inputs, including: 2x ciga sockets, 2x Engel sockets and dual USB.

The plug-and-play design allows you to instantly and effortlessly connect devices with six easy-to-read LED indicators that keep you updated on progress. An in-built voltmeter with a low volt alarm warning and a 20A resettable thermal breaker are two included safety features that help assure operation of the PowerTop is as safe as it is hassle-free. The Power Top's anodised aluminium construction also makes it the perfect off-road or campsite companion as its robust design has been purpose built to withstand harsh Australian conditions and deliver the very best results possible when put to the test.

If you're still not convinced that this powerful, portable mini-system is for you, Baintech really stands by their powerful, portable mini-system by backing it with a one-year warranty so you can buy with confidence and power-up with peace of mind


135Ah 12V AGM Battery
In Built Battery Charger 6.6A 12V AC Charger
Vehicle input voltage for VCR Above 13.2V
Volt Meter Alarm Level 11V
Socket Protection 15A Self-resettable Breaker
Grey Anderson plug (output) protection           
50A Self-resettable breaker
USB Socket Output 5V 2.3A
Maximum Load across all sockets 200W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 175 x 275 mm
Weight 35kg
Warranty 18 months

Charge up your battery with AC, DC and Solar inputs. Using universal Anderson plug connectors gives you the flexibility to access power how you want.

 PT3 side diagram

PLEASE NOTE: After purchasing your PowerTop, place it on AC charge to fully charge before use. Think of your PowerTop like a new mobile phone, always charge before use. 


  • All in one off the shelf power system
  • 12V 100Ah Gel Battery included
  • Built in AC Charger & AC Power lead
  • 3 Inputs - AC, DC and Solar
  • 2x Ciga Sockets, 2x Engel Sockets and 2x USB Sockets
  • 6.6A AC Charger
  • Reliable - 1 year warranty

PT3 Top diagram

CREATE THE ULTIMATE POWER SYSTEM: Pair the PowerTop with the ultra lightweight and durable 180w BainTuff Foldable Solar Blanket, plug the blanket directly into the PowerTop and it will supply up to 10A of reliable power to keep the PowerTop’s 100Ah gel battery charged. While on the move, a DC-DC charging system like the CTEK D250SA will recharge, maintain, and extend the life of your auxiliary battery via your alternator, or utilise the solar input while set up at camp, giving you the freedom to live the good times for longer.  


Always charge before use. Correct charging will ensure you get the best life out of your 100ah GEL Battery. We don’t recommend deeply discharging the PowerTop, as this will reduce the life of the battery. It is recommended to use a charging source to keep the battery topped up – the perfect off-grid option is to utilize either method of solar or alternator charging.

Battery charge guide

Never store a battery in a discharged state. Sulphation can occur when the battery is left around for long periods in an unused state causing it to loose capacity. Letting the battery voltage fall lower than 50% or 12.4 should also be avoided.

An unused fully charged battery should sit on a reading of 12.8 volts for a couple of weeks before needing any further recharge. Store in a dry cool place, and always fully charge your PowerTop via the AC internal charger before each use.

It’s important to remember that although your battery may be rated at 100amphour, exceeding a depth-of-discharge beyond 50% won’t do it any good. For a 100 amp-hour battery, you should base your amp draw calculations off a 50 amp-hour of useable capacity. 50 amp-hours of usable capacity would mean that you could discharge 1 amp of current for 50 hours, or 10 amps for 5 hours, 6 amps for 8.3 hours – all depending on the amp draw of your accessories.

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