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Model No 12NBN7P-F2
Description Drypower BROADBAND 12NBN7P-F2 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery - suitable for NBN
Weight(kg) 2.2

Drypower BROADBAND 12NBN7P-F2 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery - suitable for use with NBN PSU

High rate VRLA battery suitable for NBN Power Supply backup.

  • Specially designed for use with NBN backup systems
  • UPS style construction to deliver emergency power for longer
  • Extended service life compared to general purpose (non back-up) battery models
  • 99.99% Lead purity for reliable power delivery

Replaces HR6-12, HR8-12, SH1228W, HR1234W, HRL1234W, DMU12-7.5, 12FGH36, 12FGHL28, 12FGHL34, HGL7.2-12, HGHL1235W, CBX12V7.0AH, CBX12V7.6AH, CBX12V9.0AH, 12HX35, NPX35-12, HF7-12, HV7-12, LPX12-6.0, LPX12-7.0, LPX12-7.6, LPL12-7.0, WP7-12, UP-VW1236P1, HR12-28W, HR12-32W, HR12-36W

NBN Battery Replacement

With the on-going NBN (National Broadband Network) roll out spreading across Australia, the replacement battery market will certainly follow suit.

Customers who opt for the Battery Backup service for their power supply are supplied with a 12V 7.2Ah battery as part of the package. When this battery requires replacing, they are encouraged to download the following document, and told to take it to a battery retailer.

Form here -

The specifications released are outlined below:
Battery Type:   12V 7.0-7.2Ah 6cell VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Dimensions:    150mm (W) x 94mm (H) x 64mm (D)
Terminals:       Quick Disconnect F2 - 6.35mm(W) x 0.81mm(T) Faston Tab terminals
                     These are to be located 8mm from the side edge of the battery casing and 12-24mm from the top edge of the battery casing. Only batteries that have terminals in these exact locations will function.

Batteries such as the Drypower 12NBN7P-F2 which meets the above specifications to a tee! 

F1 - 4.75mm Spade Terminals
F2 - 6.35mm Spade Terminals

Cyclic - Deep cycle applications
Stand By - Stand by applications use for USP, home alarm etc
Multi Use - Can be use for both Deep cycle and Stand by applications

Drypower Battery Termination Guide 12NBN7P-F21532397619_1.pdf 
Data Sheet 12NBN7P-F21532397619_2.pdf 

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