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Fujitsu 1 to 4 AA/AAA Cell QUICK Battery Charger including 8 x Fujitsu HR-3UTC AA 2100 Cycle Batteries
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Model No FSC342EX-W-HR-3UTK
Description Fujitsu FSC342 1-4 AA/AAA cell Quick Battery Charger & Powerbank including 4 x Fujitsu Ready to Use, Low Self Discharge 1900mAh HR-3UTB AA NiMH batteries (PLUS HR-3UTC(4B))
Product Rating Freight-Free
Brand Fujitsu

** Limited time offer while supplies last **


This quick automatic charger & powerbank including 4 x AA Ready to Use NiMH batteries features:

Charger Features

  • Intelligent charging. 
  • USB Input charging. Can be connected to any USB powersource for power input
  • USB to Micro USB charge/discharge cable included
  • Red (charging) Green (fully charged) LED indicator
  • Charges 1-4 AA or AAA NiMH cells.
  • Individual cell charging control.
  • Peak voltage control.
  • Temperature control/protection.
  • Minus delta voltage detection.
  • Safety Timer control.
  • Alkaline battery detection that automatically prevents charging if non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are accidentally inserted.
  • Short circuited cells detection.
  • Includes 4 x Fujitsu HR-3UTB 2000mAh (Min.1900mAh) LSD AA NiMH cells thare are able to be recharged up to 1000 times.
  • Charge Time for  4 x cells - 5 hours.

Powerbank Features

  • 9.6 Watt hours of power available for charging any USB input devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and many other digital devices.
  • Offers more than one and a half charges for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S using the included 4 x AA NiMH batteries (when fully charged)
  • Blue LED indicator for powerbank output mode
  • Commonly available, standard primary AA or AAA batteries can be inserted to use the powerbank as an emergency charger
  • Safe and approved for airline travel. Can be packed in airliner stored luggage unlike Li-Ion powerbanks

Japanese technology with batteries made in Japan & charger made in China





It's the perfect battery for everyday use devices that often need to be recharged, such as wireless game controllers, LED flashlights, remote controllers etc...

Rechargeable up to 2,100 times
Re-using each battery thousands of times is a great way to save money and the environment.

Built to last
Conventional rechargeable batteries lose their charge daily, but not FUJITSU high charge retention batteries. They retain 85% of their energy even after 1 year storage, 70% after 5 years storage.

Environmentally friendly Partially charged by solar energy
Pre-charged at the factory before shipping.

Suitable for low temperature

"Fujitsu Rechargeable Battery" can be used at temperature as low as -20 degrees.

Made in Japan

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