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THUNDER Lithium 12V 18000 mAh 600A Jump Start Battery Pack

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Model No HB15-HI-TEC MJS
Description HI-TEC HB15-HI-TEC MJS Lithium 12V Jump Start Battery Pack
Brand HI-TEC


HI-TEC HB15-HI-TEC MJS Lithium 12V Jump Start Battery Pack

Weighing only 615g, the HI-TEC Jump Starter is a compact but powerful power supply.

Producing 600A Peak current, its three 3.7A/4.2V lithium cells has a capacity of 18,000 milli ampere hours. Not only can this restart a V8 engine, it is enough power to:

  • Jump start a small capacity car up to 40 times
  • Charge a mobile phone approximately 10 times
  • Supply power to a laptop for up to six hours

The HI-TEC Jump Starter comes with three common phone charger cables, eight popular laptop connections, a 12V 10A power socket and even a built in torch. Portable power has never been so accessible.

Easy to use and recharge, the HI-TEC Jump Starter can be charged from either 12 or 240 volt systems, such as the car or at home prior to use, making it the perfect companion for travelers, campers and adventurers.

Part No. HB15-HI-TEC MJS Current version is 'V5'
Brand HI-TEC
Unit of Measure EACH
Description Lithium Jump Start Battery Pack 12v
Length 230mm
Note Lithium Jump Start pack with accessories
Weight 1.62kg
Width 87mm
Height 20mm
Battery Type Battery Pack

Peak Current

600A (300A Starting Current)

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