West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser Amplifier for CBA IV

West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser Amplifier for CBA IV

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Description West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser Amplifier for CBA IV
Brand West Mountain Radio
Width 158.75mm
Height 139.7mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 349.25mm
Weight 3962g
Weight(kg) 5
Brand West Mountain Radio


The CBA A2 500W Amplifier enhances the testing capability of the CBA IV computerised battery analyser.


  • Perform Fast, High Power Testing
    • Test at 5 times the power with a CBA amplifier in between a CBA and your battery
    • 500 watt discharge with a single amp and a CBA
    • Designed for commercial or industrial use
    • Test a Lithium cell at up to 120 amps / 500 watts with a single amplifier
    • Test a Nickel cell at 160 amps regulated down to .9 volts with a single amplifier
    • Test batteries at or near their current and temperature limits
    • Support for operation with one or more CBA 500 watt amplifiers and CBA IV (CBA III units require Extended license)
  • Test at Real World Load Conditions
    • Increases 100 watt continuous capability of CBA to 500 watts
    • Discharge rates at up to 500 watts or 160 amps maximum, whichever is higher
    • High voltage testing at up to 55 volts; the equivalent of 1 to 38 NiCd or NiMH cells
  • Extended Software License Unlocks Features for Serious Battery Testing
    • Programmable automatic duty cycle test with up to 999 second on/off cycle periods
    • Regulated constant power discharge (current goes up as battery voltage drops)
    • Temperature graphing with a recovery time option
    • Ragone power density charting using battery weight (used for performance comparison of energy sources charting energy density (Watt-Hours/kg) vs power density (W/kg))
    • Test-lead resistance voltage calibration utility to give higher accuracy voltage readings right at the battery terminals
    • Enables placement of user notes on graphs
  • Easy-to-Use Software for Data Analysis
    • User selected battery cell chemistry, number of cells and test current
    • Software recommends safe tests based on user supplied battery information
    • Automatic graph setup and scaling
    • Measures and displays voltage, current, amp-hrs, watts and temperature (Requires optional temperature probe)
    • Easy overlay comparisons of multiple graphs may be displayed saved and recalled
    • Save, display and print battery test graphs and battery labels
    • Plug and Play high speed USB interface, with easy to use and intuitive Windows® software supplied on CD ROM


  • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 500 watts
  • Discharge rate amplification typically 10X ± 1%
  • Absolute maximum operating voltage: 55 Volts
  • Maximum discharge rate: 160 amps (3.12 Volts at test start)(Battery dependent)
  • Minimum Voltage for a 160 amp discharge: 0.9 volts at completion of test (Battery dependent)
  • Supplied with copper bus 5/16 bronze bolt battery connections and plug in Powerpole® CBA connector.
  • On/off/bypass switch. On and over-temperature LED indicators, viewable from across a room.
  • Automatic fan operation senses 1 amp or more current from the CBA. Stays on approximately 5 minutes after test completion. 

The CBA A2 500W Amplifier comes with:

  • CBA amplifier
  • 150mm Powerpole® cable
  • Power supply cable
  • User Manual

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