MotoBatt AGM with Quadflex Technology MotoBatt MBT4BB AGM with Quadflex Technology

MotoBatt MBT4BB AGM with Quadflex Technology

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Model No MBT4BB
Description MotoBatt MBT4BB AGM with Quadflex Technology
Weight(kg) 1.05
Brand MotoBatt

MotoBatt MBT4BB AGM with Quadflex Technology

Motobatt motorcycle batteries use the latest technology to provide the motorcycle enthusiast with hassle free riding. Quadflex™ technology has 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) and, when necessary, includes spacers, enabling the battery to function in multiple applications. Motobatt batteries also include…

  • Absorbed Glass Mat technology – ensures greater protection against vibration and gives longer lifecycle
  • No initial charging – install and go
  • Maintenance free – no messy acid to worry about
  • 20% more cold cranking amps
  • Easy accessory connection with multi terminals
  • Can be used in boats and jet skis


MB Item Number MBT4BB
Voltage 12
CCA 40
Capacity (10HR) 2
Weight 1.05kg / 2.31lbs
Dimensions (in / mm) L: 4.45 (113)  W: 1.50 (38)  H: 3.43 (87)
Assembly Figure
Terminal Locations
Terminal 2, (Spade)
Screws NA
Allen Wrench NA
Terminal Caps NA
Spacer None
Case Color Yellow
Cap Style NA
Replaces YT4BBS


Accuracy of this guide is not guaranteed and is offered as a guide only.
Always check the dimensions and polarity before purchasing.

  • SUZUKI DR-Z70 (08-09) - 70CC
  • YAMAHA TTR50E (06-07) - 50CC
  • YAMAHA TTR90E Electric Start (03-07) - 90CC
  • YAMAHA SR400 (01-09) - 400CC
  • YAMAHA SR400(FI) (10-12) - 400CC

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