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Model No 4-MB-C2B
Description MotoBatt 4-MB-C2B Dual Bank Charger
Weight(kg) 3
Product Rating Batteries Direct 4 Stars Rating - A very good quality product with good reliability and good warranty support
Brand MotoBatt

MotoBatt Battery Chargers
New 9 Stage Charging and Maintenance Process

1. Qualification Phase:
Initially ensures that the battery is in good condition prior to launching charge processing. As a safety measure charge process will not begin if battery is below 2.0V.
2. Battery Rescue Phase:
MOTOBATT Battery Rescue starts if battery voltage has risen unusually high in the early portion of the re-charge cycle. This is usually caused by plate sulfation. Once the battery rescue phase has succeeded in getting the battery to accept power, normal battery charging will begin.
3. Soft Start Phase:
Soft Start is used when the charger has detected a battery at a very low initial state of charge. Voltage and current are delivered at specified rate to help the battery to recover prior to entering Pulse charge mode.
4. Pulse Mode Phase:
MOTOBATT Pulse mode provides a high frequency pulse charge to help the newly recovered battery to continue to accept charge as it enters the reconditioning phase.
5. Recondition Phase:
The MOTOBATT reconditioning phase continues to work the battery at a slightly higher voltage and amperage to “re-activate” the battery plates for improved depth of charge and charge acceptance.
6. Bulk Charge Phase:
With the battery now through Pulse and reconditioning phases and well on its way to full recovery the MOTOBATT bulk charge phase gives the battery constant current taking the battery up to 80% of its capacity.
7. Absorption Phase:
In the MOTOBATT absorption phase the battery is given constant voltage while the current is reduced based on action taken from monitoring the batteries current state until the battery is 100% charged.
8. Check Phase:
Battery will now checked to be sure that it is holding a charge properly and a the charger will make a determination and classify the battery for use, or not.
9. Maintenance Phase:
Battery can be left safely on the charger indefinitely. The unit will monitor the battery and “turn-on” again as needed to maintain the battery at a full state of readiness.

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MotoBatt 4-MB-C2B Dual Bank Charger

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