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Model No HT0624
Description ABR - SIDEWINDER HT0624 12V/24V Battery Fuel Gauge
Weight(kg) 0.600
Simple and easy battery monitoring.


Rectangular battery discharge indicator (53x32)

Display: 10-bar LED indicates the battery state of charge.

Pins: 2x 5mm spade

Mounting: Panel Type

Lens Material: Poly glass

Case Material: ABS (Black)

Panel Cut-out (mm): 37x25mm  (Depth 38mm)

Operating Temperature: -40’C to +85 ‘C

Storage Temperature: -50’C to +90 ‘C!

Humidity: 95% RH (Non Condensing) at 38’C

Operating voltage: 12/24V

EEPROM memory benefits:

When powered on, instrument shows the memorized state of charge from the last time it was shut off so that it has enough time to filter information affected by instantaneous voltage fluctuation.

Battery full indication only occurs when battery is above 13.6V for more than 6 mins to ensure the battery is full.

Instrument reset can only occur if the battery is above 12.4V

Instrument LED delay is 180 sec for typical change of indication to prevent false reading from accessory start up current.

Data Sheet HT06241323643042_1.jpg 

ABR - SIDEWINDER HT0624 12V/24V Battery Fuel Gauge

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